Future of CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a PHP web framework. Many web developers say, when it comes to complex projects, CodeIgniter is not very effective. While some says, it is a great framework, many people rely on CI and it is the easiest to learn. Since many days, no new version of CodeIgniter has released. Most of the webmasters are moving towards Symphony, Laravel, etc. CI has prevailed as the most popular PHP web development framework for years. From last few years, most of people are bashing CodeIgniter. What do you think, what is the future of CodeIgniter?

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How to protect website from hackers

Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are preferred CMS for website development worldwide. But, these three content management systems are also fetching attention of hackers. The database systems of these three CMS’ have lots of vulnerabilities which is a plus point for criminals. Website owners can follow some safety measures to protect the website.

Monitor database regularly to detect unusual activity.

Install database monitoring system.

Opt for secured hosting provider.

Only authorized users should be given access to the database.

It’s better to have little caution, then great regret.

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Joomla VS WordPress. Which one is better

As a Joomla Developer and a WordPress developer I always face a problem in understanding which platform will be better for my clients websites.

Most of the times client just say they want to use the CMS but after asking which CMS they prefer they say whichever is better and has more functions.

Both of the CMS platforms have there advantages and disadvantages but for the basic websites both of the platforms are good. When designing complex websites one platform may have more advantage than other but again its subjective and changes from requirement to requirement.

Joomla vs WordPress. Which one is better.

The link above classifies which one is better than other when compared cosmetically or aesthetically. Functionality wise one is better than other based on specific requirements.

Static websites are of no use nowadays as they cannot be kept updated so use of any of this cms platform is the need of web design today. Any web developer keeps this platforms in mind when designing any kind of websites.

I have personally used both the platforms but problem with WordPress website I have seen is they are very easy to hack. They give a back door entry to hackers so they can go inside and change all the themes, contents, username and passwords. If any plugins get updates or theme get updated we have to upgrade them or else they get hacked by hackers.

Though if proper plugins to protect the website is used this problem can be avoided. If used properly this platform can do wonders for your business.

In Joomla website I have seen its little bit hard for the clients to Understand. We have created educational videos for clients explaining how that problem can be solved but they always still face the problem understanding how to operate the admin panel of Joomla.

I hope above article will help you to decide which platform is better for your website and business.

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Content Management System is a tool that web developers have developed to be very powerful and effective when it comes to web design in its application in the internet with Joomla. Designing websites is easier with PHP and Joomla which is why a lot of web owners are opting for the application of Joomla when it comes to the design of their websites. However, because of the huge demand to make use of Joomla in developing a website, there are lots in the market that might not be perfect for a website. This
is the reason why experts are consulted when it comes to getting Joomla that would be used for web design.

Content Management System like Joomla makes use of platforms or applications like MySQL as its database in storing, editing, creating and deleting HTML contents during the design of Joomla web design. The backend is the administrative part of this web application while the frontend is where contents are displayed for a viewer to make use of while browsing. Joomla Development  has made it possible for editing of
contents, deleting and storing contents to be easier. One of the most exciting features of Joomla is that it allows a customer or viewer to spend quality time appreciating the beauty of the site and the ease with which the site is accessible.

When making use of Joomla web design, some inexperienced website designers might make a mistake when they choose a high tech or geek friendly Joomla. Some viewers who might use a website that has been customized to such a high or advanced level might find it difficult operating or accessing. This means that the aim of the website is defeated especially if it is an e-Commerce website that needs enough traffic that would generate traffic and profit.

If you need web design, you should shop around if you do not need the help of a professional. There are pros and cons that are peculiar to Joomla when a web is been designed. This is the reason why researches and questions should be asked on the features that the Joomla that would be used on your website has. A web design firm or experienced professional would be the one that can find that perfect Joomla for your web design. This would make it easier for installation and also appear as a friendly administrative interface with a great user environment.

WordPress Development

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Recently got hacked on WordPress

WordPress platform for your Website are very good for Search Engine optimization and the management of your website. But you have to make sure there is no backdoor entry to your WordPress Website.

If there is a backdoor entry to the WordPress website or blog than your website is going to get hacked with a message that your website is hacked with a black screen and all contact information from the hacker.

Do not worry at this time. If you try going to your admin panel the username and password for WordPress website will stop working. If you call your WordPress developer he will be able to help you or you can follow following steps to make sure that the hacker is removed from your website.

You need to have a backup of index page of your website. If you have the backup than

Login to your hosting panel and delete the Index page of your website.

Upload the old index page from few days before. If you do not have index page than contact your hosting and tell them to put the backup from few days before. Most of the hosting keeps the backup.

Once you are logged in inside you will see the theme name is changed. Rename the theme to the theme which was before else your website will look different.

You need to again login in your hosting panel and open php mysql panel and click on wp_users table and change the email address, password of admin as well as username field to your choice

Select the toughest password possible and save it.

Once this is done you need to make sure that for future attacks your website is safe.

For this step you need to log in to admin panel and see if there is a WordPress upgrade available. If it is available than upgrade it to recent version.

Upgrade all the plugins which are going to expire soon. Once this step is done you need to protect the admin panel.

Login to your hosting account again and find .htaccess and make changes to it to protect it for future attacks in your WordPress Development

<Files ~ “^.*\.([Hh][Tt][Aa])”>
order allow,deny
deny from all
satisfy all</Files>

You can also allow only few IP addresses to access the admin panel so no one else can open the admin panel from there ip address.

<Files wp-login.php>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from xx.xx.xx.xx

At the same time try to open robots.txt. If it not there create one file and paste below codes. This make sure that Google and other search engines cannot read this file. http://www.BestWebsitesDesigner.com

User-agent: *
Disallow: /cgi-bin
Disallow: /wp-admin
Disallow: /wp-includes
Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/
Disallow: /wp-content/cache/
Disallow: /wp-content/themes/
Disallow: */trackback/
Disallow: */feed/
Disallow: /*/feed/rss/$
Disallow: /category/*

Check the profiles and delete all the other users in the admin panel which you do not know.

If you keep your directory listing enable than hackers can see all the file and directory structure.

# disable directory browsing
Options All -Indexes

Paste this code in .htaccess and if you follow above steps your website will be protected from hackers.

Also you can install some plugins which you can search from your admin panel and click on add new plugin and search for malware or protect wordpress website Design.

Hope this helps

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